Coppicing is a centuries-old traditional form of woodland management that involves cutting areas of broadleaved trees back to ground level.


The tree stump (or stool as it is called) is then allowed to send up new shoots. This begins a cycle which is repeated at regular intervals with the new growth being cut again after a number of years.


Coppicing yields a wealth of products. Coppiced timber (polewood) tends to be tall and straight with minimal branching. This is achieved as the new growth races up towards the light in competition with neighbouring trees.


Coppice Products

  • Beanpoles – 8ft poles of around 1” diameter - £1/pole

  • Hedging Stakes – 5ft6” pole of between 1 and 2” diameter - £0.85/stake

  • Yurt poles - >£2.50/pole depending on size

  • Faggots/fascines – tight bundles of brash and branch-wood 6ft6” long and 12” diameter - £7

  • Bale spikes for strawbale construction – POA

  • Gates/gate hurdles – POA

  • Firewood – sold in net bags of c.1/20th cubic metre – 4 bags £30, 8 bags £55, 20 bags £125. Free local delivery for orders of 20 bags or more. Also available from The Bristol Wood Recycling Project and Kindle.

  • Charcoal – 2-3kg bags - £7/bag